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Case Studies & Testimonials

Case Studies & Testimonials

Case Studies

Case Study – IBS (1)

Having not been well for most of my adult life I stumbled across your
website and thank goodness I did!

If I had to list my symptoms I wouldn’t know where to start but
debilitating diarrhoea, constant pain under my left rib and chronic
fatigue being the most difficult to cope with, I had no quality of life
and felt I had no option but to give up the best job I had ever had! My
worse fear was to have to ‘retire’ at the age of 46 but I felt 96 and just
couldn’t struggle any longer.

During the last 20 years I had tried every route: the GP, various
specialists, allergy tests, elimination diets and a variety of alternative
therapies but without lasting results.

From my first appointment with you I knew I was finally on the right road.
Whereas doctors only treated the symptoms, you seemed to see the whole

Tests revealed that I was allergic to milk protein and I also had the
parasitic infection ‘Blastocystis Hominis’ as well as Candida.

I followed the diet and supplement regime you set out and even though
initially found it quite difficult, stuck with it and now feel like a
different person. I remember, at our first meeting, telling you that I
wanted to be able to ‘live and work’ not ‘just work’ and also that I
wanted to lose the extra weight I had been struggling with for years.

I now have as much energy as when I was in my twenties, haven’t any
stomach problems and, as a bonus, have lost over a stone in weight!

Thank you so much.


Case Study – IBS (2)

Ms H, a 33 year old female, tells her story:

I first began to experience serious health issues in 2007. I had given up smoking in January 2007 after 15 years and within 8 weeks I began to experience severe bloating and constipation which progressed to include symptoms of nausea.

At the same time I noticed that the face in the mirror staring back at me had changed as my cheeks had started to look swollen. I then also began to realise that I were experiencing problems with certain foods. I initially gave up coffee and tea and then realised that I also had trouble with meat, dairy, bread and in particular, sugar. It took 6 months to identify what I could and couldn’t eat. By this point I had started to become very weak, very irritable, my eyes appeared red and I also suffered from blurred vision and was constantly waking at either 02:00 or 04:00 each morning. I couldn’t understand what was causing this. I felt that I was being woken up during the early hours of the morning by my stomach, and so would go to the kitchen and grab anything that I could find to eat in order for me to fall back to sleep again.

For me, the extreme fatigue was what began to prove the most debilitating of the symptoms. Around this time I was trying hard to identify all the different symptoms that I was experiencing and I felt that I had something growing in my stomach. My GP diagnosed Helicobactor Pylori for which I was given a course of antibiotics. My gastroenterologist suggested that I have an endoscopy to ensure that the infection had gone. The results concluded that the infection had gone, however, I continued to suffer all the previous symptoms which left me bewildered. The gastroenterologist confirmed that they had also analysed the small intestine during the endoscopy and that there was no further cause for concern.

I was left to deal with the continuing symptoms and ill health alone. At this point I had lost 2 jobs due to the unpredictable nature of the symptoms.

Through my own research I had diagnosed myself to suffering from Candida. I followed a program during the summer of 2009 set out by a fellow suffer. It was during administering treatment for parasite cleansing that I first began to notice some relief. For the first time in 3 years I felt that I was beginning to gain control again. At this stage I was able to eat some offending foods in moderation, however, the symptoms had not disappeared, they had just become less prominent.

In January 2010 I decided to get some help as I was continuing to struggle by dealing with this alone. I consulted Wilma Kirsten and undertook both a food intolerance test and comprehensive stool analysis. The test confirmed that I had yeast overgrowth and that I also had a high level of a parasite called Blastocystis Hominis. I began treatment as advised by Wilma and I was amazed at the immediate improvements. My eyesight began to improve, as did the insomnia, cravings for sugar and carbohydrates, mental fogginess, shortness of breath and hair loss.

I was relieved to finally have found help with my health issues.

After 2 months of treatment the symptoms have nearly disappeared. The depression and anxiety caused by the illness have lifted and I am now back to having sensations of positivity and able to connect with others, strike up new friendships and generally feel connected with life again.

This illness has been very subtle in its approach that at times it has left me doubting myself and the symptoms that I was experiencing. At times it has rendered me feeling insane, hopeless and suicidal with continuous mood swings which have now gone.

I’m now looking forward to rebuilding my life.

Thank you Wilma Kirsten!

Case Study – Stress

Mr S, a city worker, came to see me because he felt stressed.

His presented with psoriasis, a chronic, non contagious autoimmune disease which affects the skin and joints. It commonly presents as red scaly patches on the skin. Red, lizard type flaky skin covered his eyebrows which by now was devoid of any hair.

A detailed health history revealed that Mr S had suffered with Rheumatoid Arthritis (a chronic, systemic inflammatory disorder which often affects the joints) in his very early twenties. This affected his knee joints such that he could not walk unaided for a lengthy period of time.

He suffers from seasonal Hayfever (allergic rhinitis triggered by the pollens of specific seasonal plants) which renders him incapable of normal activity due to swollen, watery eyes, excessive mucus and laboured breathing all through the Spring season.

A dietary history revealed a particular fondness for certain foods.

For further in depth investigation Mr S agreed to an Oxidative Stress Analysis.

After a reasonable period of time of incorporating an agreed specific diet, supplementation plan and introduction of gentle stress reduction lifestyle approaches, Mr S noticed significant improvement in his health. His eyebrows had grown back and his overall capacity to deal with the normal stresses of his work life had improved considerably.

He says: “It was really good to see how some very simple changes made such a difference to my condition. I’d pretty much resigned myself to living with it as I’d tried other avenues before, without much success.”

Case Study – Sport

Ms M a retired elite athlete came to see me because she was at the end of her tether. She was forced to retire due to complete physical and mental exhaustion. It had been a 18 months since she last did any sporting activities as “getting out of bed was an effort”.

Ms M, a type A personality, has always been competitively active in a variety of sporting disciplines competing both nationally and internationally. However over training with little nutritional support had taken its toll. A dietary history revealed erratic eating patterns and most importantly inadequate protein especially after intensive training sessions and competition.

Ms M suffers from repeated digestive upsets in the form of bloating after eating. She has gained 14 kg since she stopped training and her menstrual flow has become increasingly heavy and painful.

To investigate specific areas of concern Ms M agreed to a complete hormonal and stress profile. The hormonal profile revealed a slight oestrogen imbalance. The stress profile indicated an under active Phase II. The hormonal imbalance was addressed using a herbal tincture. Liver function was supported with specific vitamin and mineral supplementation, inclusion of quality protein and elimination of caffeine and decrease in refined sugar products. A good quality probiotic was suggested.

Ms M changed sporting discipline and is embarking on a different training/eating strategy. Her diet is focused on post training nutritional support and adequate rest sessions. So far she has become more aware of her own limitations and agrees that missing a training session is preferable to injury or prolonged fatigue.

With the new training regime Ms M’s digestive upsets have returned. She has agreed to follow a liver detoxification programme lasting 14 days. In conjunction with the programme she agreed to eliminate all refined sugar, caffeine and dairy. Whole grain products such as rye grain, quinoa, amaranth and spelt were introduced in place of pasta and wheat. Ms M completed a stool test for Candida and Coeliac disease. Results were negative and it was agreed that a more specialised supplementation programme was necessary. So far Ms M is progressing well.

She says: “The testing part was sometimes uncomfortable, but knowing exactly what is amiss is so empowering. I love the fact the my acne cleared up after the detox, even though giving up chocolate was very difficult.”


I have realised I forgot to write a thank you line for doing such a great job ridding me of all those foul parasites! Anyway, its been six months and the bad flatulence, bloating and other unfortunate side affects of infections have gone – Matt

On getting her re-test results which showed no more bacterial infection and no more Candida, Charlotte send this reply:
I’m thrilled!! That’s really good news, so glad that it has all paid off, thank you for all your help with it.

I admit to feeling nervous prior to seeing you on Saturday but that was entirely misplaced. Thank you for the encouragement – Carol

Having reached that time of a woman’s life when the hormones started playing havoc, I knew that I had to take charge and get the situation sorted! The peri-menopause is the first time that I felt my health and well-being were being tested. Having consulted Wilma Kirsten and discussing diet recommendations I’m feeling that I’m now back on track. I have energy and balance in my life again. What I put into my body, does make a difference! I lack discipline some of the time, but I know that investing in eating well pays dividends – Sara

Today has been the first day in 3 years that I have been able to relax and not be obsessed about my next meal – Sylvana

Just wanted to say thank you for tonight, you made me feel very at ease, well as ease as I get, I look forward to working with you, I know it’s team work, but I’m 100% committed – Alex

Thank you for giving me some hope, I left your office with a spring in my step and a strong resolve to sort this out – Rachel

It was really good to see how some very simple changes made such a difference to my condition. I’d pretty much resigned myself to living with it as I’d tried other avenues before, without much success – Mr S

The testing part was sometimes uncomfortable, but knowing exactly what is amiss is so empowering. I love the fact the my acne cleared up after the detox, even though giving up chocolate was very difficult – Ms M

Just to let you know that I’ve spoken to my GP who was very impressed with the results of the comprehensive stool analysis that you use – Mrs R