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What We Do

Health and Nutrition Clinic

The Wilma Kirsten Clinic offers telephone and video appointments specialising in identifying the causes of a variety of symptoms which may respond well to nutritional therapy.

In particular we see patients displaying the symptoms of IBS, Candida, Food Intolerances and Bloating in addition to a number of other common-ailments that include hormonal health (PMS, Menopause) and general health.

We use a variety of non-invasive tests to establish the causes of sufferers’ problems and via a friendly consultation process with our qualified nutritionist look at ways of addressing the root causes via food choices.

Our sister clinic, The Goodbye PMS Clinic, specializes in identifying the causes for female hormonal imbalance symptoms, PMS and sore breasts.

Many of the patients we see have spent months or years trying to get solutions to their physical symptoms from their local GP or NHS hospital. Frequently, patients find these health professionals are either too busy or too specialized into one field to give them the time or all round focus they need in order to find a solution to their distressing illnesses.

At the Wilma Kirsten Clinic we spend time understanding your symptoms. We ask that you provide comprehensive answers to a detailed questionnaire prior to a consultation that covers many important aspects of your life including your diet, exercise and stress levels. In this way we have in depth information from which to understand your condition prior to meeting you, which thus ensures your full hour consultation is productively spent in establishing the best route forward. From this initial meeting we are then able to recommend specific tests to pinpoint why you may be experiencing sub-optimal health.

Follow-up consultations are recommended to review your progress.

We have many satisfied patients and we urge you to read some of our testimonials that will give you hope that you too may be able to feel well once again.

To find out how The Wilma Kirsten Clinic can help you on your journey back to full health or to order a test kit or book a consultation please contact The Wilma Kirsten Clinic by email or by phone on +44 (0)787 608 4829

To find out more about our qualified nutritionist Wilma Kirsten click here.