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The Perfect Half-Time Fruit for Competitive Squash Players

The Perfect Half-time Fruit for Competitive Squash Players

– Wilma Kirsten –


Squash is a whole body activity which requires continuous running and hitting of the ball. The game of squash requires a high level of physical fitness and in addition good gross and fine motor control. Excelling top players are required to have a good aerobic capacity, be agile, powerful, flexible and mentally acute. Energy expenditure is high (42-75kJ/min) and as a consequence nutritional support is essential. In order to delay fatigue, optimal nutrition pre and post play is imperative, carbohydrate ingestion during marches should be addressed, and proper hydration before, during and after games is essential.

The beneficial effects of carbohydrate ingestion during play are related to the maintenance of blood glucose levels and a high rate of carbohydrate oxidation at a time when muscle glycogen stores are low. This paper shows that fruit can theoretically be used as an ergogenic aid during competitive play.