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Case study – Sport

Case Study – Sport

Ms M a retired elite athlete came to see me because she was at the end of her tether. She was forced to retire due to complete physical and mental exhaustion. It had been a 18 months since she last did any sporting activities as “getting out of bed was an effort”.

Ms M, a type A personality, has always been competitively active in a variety of sporting disciplines competing both nationally and internationally. However over training with little nutritional support had taken its toll. A dietary history revealed erratic eating patterns and most importantly inadequate protein especially after intensive training sessions and competition.

Ms M suffers from repeated digestive upsets in the form of bloating after eating. She has gained 14 kg since she stopped training and her menstrual flow has become increasingly heavy and painful.

To investigate specific areas of concern Ms M agreed to a complete hormonal and stress profile. The hormonal profile revealed a slight oestrogen imbalance. The stress profile indicated an under active Phase II. The hormonal imbalance was addressed using a herbal tincture. Liver function was supported with specific vitamin and mineral supplementation, inclusion of quality protein and elimination of caffeine and decrease in refined sugar products. A good quality probiotic was suggested.

Ms M changed sporting discipline and is embarking on a different training/eating strategy. Her diet is focused on post training nutritional support and adequate rest sessions. So far she has become more aware of her own limitations and agrees that missing a training session is preferable to injury or prolonged fatigue.

With the new training regime Ms M’s digestive upsets have returned. She has agreed to follow a liver detoxification programme lasting 14 days. In conjunction with the programme she agreed to eliminate all refined sugar, caffeine and dairy. Whole grain products such as rye grain, quinoa, amaranth and spelt were introduced in place of pasta and wheat. Ms M completed a stool test for Candida and Coeliac disease. Results were negative and it was agreed that a more specialised supplementation programme was necessary. So far Ms M is progressing well.

She says: “The testing part was sometimes uncomfortable, but knowing exactly what is amiss is so empowering. I love the fact the my acne cleared up after the detox, even though giving up chocolate was very difficult.”

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