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I am indeed extremely fortunate to have such a superb nutritionist. – Patricia

It is lovely speaking to a professional who is so friendly and understanding. – James

I feel great, more energetic, no tiredness, no nervous tension, and my hair has stopped falling out! My symptoms nearly all cleared up. Thank you very much for your help. – Tamara

I have suffered so much and I was very desperate when I came to see you and I cannot express how happy and pleased I am that I found you and came to you of all the practitioners that I could have gone to in London. – Ms K

My symptoms have improved significantly. I’ve noticed such a big difference in my life. I still have the odd symptom but it isn’t really that noticeable. – Hayley

I’d like to thank you for the assistance you offered for the bloating and all the various suggestions you made to help me. – Anne

Yes, the diet and advice work very well. I have no more pain in my stomach. – Mr V

My daughter says thank you for giving me my health back in time for Christmas. I am so glad I found you. – Patricia

I am still surprised how well my skin looks and how much better I feel in such a short space of time. Thank you again. – Jane

I had to write to thank you ONCE AGAIN. After only one month on your latest protocol, my energy has returned and I am feeling much happier in myself. – Heather

A big thanks for all your help and advice and setting me on the road to recovering from what has been a dark, long period of illness. – Edward

I am pleased to tell you that both my skin and tummy are much better. The stress in my job and the occasional diet blips do cause the odd upset stomach but on the whole it’s good. I think coming to see you was the best thing I could have done to solve my problems and would recommend you to anyone! – Jenni

Many thanks for your support and advice I got so much out of the one hour than any other consultant or professional I have been to. – Kirstyn

I just want to say a huge thank you for all your help and support with everything. For the first time in years I really feel like I’m getting better, and I can’t tell you what a relief it has been to have someone who has been so supportive, understanding and constructive as yourself in amongst the frustration of candida and the other candida related conditions I was suffering from. After years of visiting GPs and specialists who dismissed my ailments as the untreatable ‘IBS’, it was only in my dreams that I would find someone who could pinpoint exactly what I had and how I could treat it in a natural yet effective manner. Thank you so much once again. – Francesca

After several years of diagnosing my own health issues via top gastro doctors, flying abroad to see specialists, I can truly say that Wilma Kirsten was a god send! All I wanted to resolve was my unexplained bloatedness of my stomach – from a size 8 my stomach would bloat to a size 12/14. I became very depressed and well food was not my favourite friend. I was being told that I had IBS, Candida and all sorts of other diseases but no treatments. Seeing Wilma Kirsten has changed my world around. I am happy to say that I no longer have random spasms in my stomach and I now enjoy food again! Thank you so much. – Jasdeep

I can’t believe how something as simple as altering my diet has ultimately changed my life! When I first met you I genuinely felt my Crohn’s Disease was getting so bad I’d need to be admitted into a hospital, and yet 6 months on from taking your dietary advice I’m healthier and more symptom-free than I’ve ever been! I’ve learnt that you can indeed be healthy and live a normal life despite living with an illness, and for that I am truly grateful! – Lawrence

I have found having breakfast has been my saviour to be honest! – Debbie

Just to let you know I had a lovely Christmas and New Year, with no symptoms at
all – Heather

I have been complemeting your treatment that you gave me at the time with other treatments (hypnotherapy) and have found out a bit more about nutrition.
I have been feeling quite good including holidays. I have had the odd sweet thing but not on a regular basis. I still have the odd day when I am not feeling 100% but it is rare now – Marta

The ideal plate composition was very useful – most of the problems
when I saw you were from a lack of balance in the diet. Also having
foods that ‘glide’ through the digestive system has been good – Peter

I have realised I forgot to write a thank you line for doing such a great job ridding me of all those foul parasites! Anyway, its been six months and the bad flatulence, bloating and other unfortunate side affects of infections have gone – Matt

On getting her re-test results which showed no more bacterial infection and no more Candida, Charlotte send this reply:
I’m thrilled!! That’s really good news, so glad that it has all paid off, thank you for all your help with it.

I admit to feeling nervous prior to seeing you on Saturday but that was entirely misplaced. Thank you for the encouragement – Carol

Having reached that time of a woman’s life when the hormones started playing havoc, I knew that I had to take charge and get the situation sorted! The peri-menopause is the first time that I felt my health and well-being were being tested. Having consulted Wilma Kirsten and discussing diet recommendations I’m feeling that I’m now back on track. I have energy and balance in my life again. What I put into my body, does make a difference! I lack discipline some of the time, but I know that investing in eating well pays dividends – Sara

Today has been the first day in 3 years that I have been able to relax and not be obsessed about my next meal – Sylvana

Just wanted to say thank you for tonight, you made me feel very at ease, well as ease as I get, I look forward to working with you, I know it’s team work, but I’m 100% committed – Alex

Thank you for giving me some hope, I left your office with a spring in my step and a strong resolve to sort this out – Rachel

It was really good to see how some very simple changes made such a difference to my condition. I’d pretty much resigned myself to living with it as I’d tried other avenues before, without much success – Mr S

The testing part was sometimes uncomfortable, but knowing exactly what is amiss is so empowering. I love the fact the my acne cleared up after the detox, even though giving up chocolate was very difficult – Ms M

Just to let you know that I’ve spoken to my GP who was very impressed with the results of the comprehensive stool analysis that you use – Mrs R

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